"We hired Video Resources to be our DP's, co-producers, shooters, editors and everything in-between. Their team was responsive, cooperative, friendly, fun and most of all professional. Our work together received an award and I couldn't be more proud of what we finished with Video Resources help. They worked within our budget and produced a high-quality piece that wow'd everyone! Stay tuned to see if we win the Emmy! Thank you Video Resources, I couldn't have done it with you. Oh.....we hired them again!"


-Lisa  |  @DiscoverOC

"This was my ALL TIME FAVORITE video for an all employee communication.

Great graphics with amped up levels of sophistication….

Great speakers, clear and relate-able messages and good energy.

I vote to keep this new style of communication!

Bravo team!"


-Toni  |  @tgSCANcomm

"There are so few businesses that strive for excellence any more that it is refreshing when you come across one that does.  I will never forget my first camera rental here.  It was clean, packaged neatly, had all the cables for connecting, AND the manual!  I was amazed.  It had not been my experience with other firms, to say the least.  Staging, lighting, production, 3D animation, studio facilities, all great and well, but put that together with well executed and you have a good resource.  Add the IDEAS that they have and then you have a GREAT resource.  Definitely the go to place for anything marketing, event, media or production."


-George  |  @GMulak

"Video Resources created a short film that took my company to the next level. Reliable and High Quality team! THANK YOU!!"


-Steve  |  @SOdell244

"In a "nutshell" Video Resources is nothing short of EXCELLENT!  I am independent documentary filmmaker and I heard about VR through a friend.  I checked out their website and found that they have all the essential elements in making video projects from all aspects of my production.  From the finest professional equipment, production stage  to terrific post productions facilities.  Their staff is knowledgable and experience to assist in pre production, production and post production.  I highly recommend this company for all of your production needs."


-Cory  |  @ManzanarCory

"On time, well dressed, professional, and a pleasure to work with!   We hired them at the last minute to video record a full day business meeting and they did a fantastic job.   I highly recommend them."


-Andy  |  @AndyQuintenz

Corporate videos are a crucial part of any business's B2B or B2C communications process and help convey key messages to consumers, clients and other target audiences.


While videos are a great way to get the word out about your business, poorly crafted videos can just as easily turn prospects off to your brand!