Our Creative Process

When you work with VR, you get more than a production company. You get a team. A team of passionate storytellers eager to help craft your message. Our creative process is bumper-to-bumper. Whether it's a live-action video or a motion animation piece, we have all the tools necessary for creating your magic under one roof.


We want to learn about your company's goals so that we can draft the most effective way to build the bridges that will connect your audience to your value.

Our team of skilled Designers and Animators work with our Creative Director and Producers to draft storyboards, scripts, and a creative brief so you can visualize what your final piece will look like before you leave our office.


Once you've approved the look, feel, and message, we start making the cool things happen.

When it comes to video production, we scout locations, book talent, and gear, and take care of all the logistical details.

With animation, we develop a complete storyboard that serves as a visual aid for the different types of movement, pacing, and graphics that will be used when bringing your best ideas to life.


After the proper logistics have been taken care of and the development process has been approved, the big wheels start turning.

This is where all the planning and preparation begin to pay off.

Our team is either hard at work shooting all of your new content on location, or here at home base, finalizing graphics and rendering the animations that will make your story outstanding.


This is where we edit the story together - adding music, effects, color, and pacing. All the bells and whistles that make a more dynamic video for your audience to view.

At this stage, after we've made any desired revisions, your content is now ready for the masses!

We supply you with your final deliverable in any format you wish, and for any channel or medium.