Thanks for choosing Video Resources! Prior to your first rental, please fill out these forms. That way, we can have your rental ready when you arrive!

CC Authorization Form

Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form. Attach a photocopy of the card and your driver’s license.

Terms & Conditions

Carefully review and sign our Terms and Conditions.

VR's Insurance Policy

For rental orders over a certain cost, provide us with a current Certificate of Insurance. The Certificate Holder should be addressed to:

Video Resources Inc.
1809 E Dyer Rd., Suite 307
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Email the forms to and feel free to call us at (949) 261-7266 with any questions or equipment inquiries!

If you need to fill these out at VR, don’t stress!

First-time and newer customers will have their orders charged once the CC Authorization Form is completed, thus confirming the order. Once we develop a relationship with you, additional billing terms may be available, such as payment-on-return or net 3-15 days.

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1809 E Dyer Rd, Suite 307, Santa Ana, CA 92705

(949) 261-7266

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