Trusted and loved by

Owner, Managing Director

Dane Worley

Managing the business and all things VR would be enough for most creative shop owners, but Dane also produces, loads gear, runs cables and fetches coffee if needed. Our fearless leader.

Executive Creative Director

Pat Eason

A creative tactician with a propensity for taking calculated risks. A tennis ball, an exposed brick accent wall, a venti cold brew and hours of conceptual pondering is Pat’s idea of an honest day’s work.

  • Tracy Worley Hagen

    Tracy Worley Hagen


    Tracy keeps our finances in-check and assures us that we’re moving in the right direction financially. She makes sure we’re poised for growth and secure enough to buy all the new cinema toys we love so much.

  • Robin Monk

    Robin Monk

    Operations Manager

    Nothing under our roof goes unseen by Robin. From the day-to-day ongoings of production to managing AP, AR and internal affairs. Robin is our hawk.

  • James Fiorillo

    James Fiorillo

    Head of Motion Graphics | Lead Animator

    Our lead GFX executioner. That’s right, we said executioner. That’s because James routinely kills it. From high-end conceptual animation to presentation GFX and banners, James puts the smooth moves on it all!

  • Tabo Tang

    Tabo Tang

    Lead 3D Animator | 2D Motion Graphics

    Tabo is highly skilled and dedicated to the craft. Sometimes, we must visit him in his dungeon and exercise a daily wellness-check to make sure he gets some fresh air. A true GFX gym rat.

  • Harrison Blodgett

    Harrison Blodgett

    Lead Editor | Production Specialist

    When Harrison isn’t editing our latest masterpiece, you can find him on set running DIT, assisting camera, producing live events and even operating camera. He is our Swiss Army Knife.

  • Phil Clackler

    Phil Clackler

    Director of Photography | Director, 3D Design

    If it’s visual, it’s Phil. You know the POV shots in films where a cyborg or machine visually processes data of their surroundings? That’s Phil as he considers lighting, depth, correct lens for the shot, ensuring everything works in perfect harmony.

  • Mel Harsh

    Mel Harsh

    Production Unit

    Mel can be seen setting up our shoots, rigging and striking sets, and when needed, he is one of our talented corporate photographers. A true all-around workhorse.

  • Nathan Mead

    Nathan Mead

    Director of Photography

    Nathan is our resident lighting specialist and additional DP for high-end corporate and broadcast.

  • James Salini

    James Salini

    Sound Engineer

    Hear that? Well, James does. If there’s a pin dropping somewhere in a noisy environment, James will be sure to have us “hold for sound”.

  • Jay Reiss

    Jay Reiss

    Junior Producer, Writer & Creator

    It wouldn’t be fair for us to label Jay solely as a Producer. So, we won’t. Jay can, and does, routinely take projects from conception to completion.

  • Jeff Killian

    Jeff Killian

    Camera Operator

    Three decades of pro work. Over 500 projects shot and executed. Jeff can do his job blindfolded… but it’s probably better he doesn’t considering we rely on his vision and aesthetic expertise.

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